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Are you planning a concrete project to improve your home? Concrete is a durable and sturdy building material that needs special handling and equipment, which our experts have. When searching for a concrete contractor near me or masonry contractor near me Gresham Concrete Pros is the company you call.  Our concrete contractors are devoted to providing high-quality concrete and masonry services that guarantee durability, excellent style and finishes. We are located in Gresham, Oregon serving customers in this area and its surrounding.  Our company has been in existence for a long time providing concrete services to our customers. Hire us for any substantial project and have no regrets in the future. With us, you will only talk about perfection as we focus on customer satisfaction. 

Our trained professionals specialize in providing decorative concrete applications. They have extensive skills and knowledge on concrete patios, concrete foundations, and other projects like retaining walls and block walls. Call our expert to offer affordable concrete services.  What makes us a prominent local concrete construction company is our focus on providing numerous services at affordable costs. You will have peace of mind dealing with a professional concrete contractor in your local home town.  Many companies also prefer to guarantee fast response, high-quality services, advanced designs, and expert opinion. All our professional contractors are trained and licensed to operate in Gresham, Oregon. Call us today and have the best concrete construction project experiences. 

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Our expert contractors specialize in serving people in Gresham, Oregon, and take pride in creating a strong legacy as the best local concrete company. Our premiere area of specialization is providing the Gresham area with superior commercial and residential concrete and masonry servicesCall us today if you want your driveway, patio, and walkway designed by experts. Count on our contractors and technicians to provide decorative and functional concrete services. We also take pride in helping you with concrete demolition, concrete removal services, and other concrete workThe fact that we are a local company guarantees fast response, and after calling or filling a free quote, we will send a specialist to your home. Before starting any project, we will survey your property and decide the best designs and equipment to use. Call us today for expert opinion on concrete work

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We are devoted to improving your home value and meeting all your construction possibilities by offering first-rate concrete building, coring, curbing, and repair on your commercial and residential property at affordable rates.

Long concrete driveway leading to a home on top a small hill

Concrete Driveways Gresham, OR

If you are looking for curb appeal on your driveway project, we are here for you. We aim at promoting durability by using concrete that withstands high pressure exerted as vehicles park on. Besides installation, our contractors provide concrete repair services at reasonable rates. We can do this job for both residential and commercial clients and work with you each step of the way.

Modern home in Gresham with a beautiful stamped concrete patio

Concrete Patios Gresham, OR

Do you want to increase square footage for your property? Our experts will design modern patios that adds value to your home and increases your outdoor living spaces. You will now have ample room to host parties and spend more time outdoors. Call our experts for high-quality patio designs.

Concrete sidewalk being poured at a home in Gresham

Concrete Sidewalks & Walkways Gresham, OR

We are your concrete sidewalk and walkway installation and repair specialist.  Whether your installing, replacing or repairing your concrete sidewalk or walkway around your home or business we are the ones that people call.  We do it quickly, efficiently and most importantly we bring to you the best prices in town.  Call today and talk to our sidewalk and walkway experts to get your project started.

New concrete foundation for a Gresham home

Concrete Foundations Gresham, OR

Concrete foundations such as slab, pad, and footing should be done by professionals such as our company. Concrete Contractors Gresham will pour the concrete foundations systematically according to the size and designs. We install and fix foundations at affordable costs without compromising on quality. Contact us for your concrete foundation today.

Beautiful stamped sidewalk in the front of a luxury home in Gresham, OR.

Stamped Concrete Gresham, OR

Stamped concrete is the most popular treatments you can do or add to your concrete project.  We are market leaders and have the contractors to bring your concrete project to life.  Tired of that grey concrete driveway or patio that all your neighbors have. Give your concrete that custom look of wood or stone with our stamp and stain process.  The durability and easy maintenance of decorative concrete is unmatched. Get your stamped concrete project started today.

Masonry Contractor Gresham, OR

Masonry is an art form and we have qualified masonry contractors at Gresham Concrete Pros that can handle any project you throw at us.  If you need block walls (CMU), retaining walls or a fancy modern looking rock wall to line your fireplace look no further. We are your masonry experts and we pride ourselves in bringing Gresham home and business owners not only great workmanship but awesome customer service.  Making us the best Masonry contractor in East Portland. 



I recommend more people hire these company experts since they previously installed patios in my home it works wonders protecting my furnishings and loved ones from extreme conditions. I received all the information from Gresham concrete Contractors website.
Brian B
Concrete Patio
I wanted to host a party; therefore, I called through the contact line given on the website and got a quotation. It only took them a day to respond to my free quote. They installed high-quality driveway and walkway in by business area, and more customers have commented on its excellent look.
Jan B
Driveway and Walkway
After filling free quote my request was attended with a day after filling it on a Tuesday. Once a contractor from this company was sent to my home, they explained what I needed to do and the best designs that would fit my family. It feels good having someone to listen and work with you throughout the project.
Chris T
Concrete Work



Our company has been awarded numerous awards for being the best concrete builder and providing skilled personnel to get the job done. We are renowned for delivering experienced master plans to get the job done. Our primary focus is customer satisfaction, ensuring we meet all your expectations. Call us today when you want nothing but perfection on your next project. We offer efficient commercial and residential services that involve concrete cutting, concrete patios, curbing, and concrete foundations.


It would be wise to hire our professionals to show you what it means to improve your property in Gresham and other neighboring areas. What makes us your viable solution is that we adhere to a high standard of diligence and meet all set construction codes. Our specialists are licensed and insured, ensuring there are no surprise charges when you hire us. Please make us your long term partner to build concrete projects that last for decades on your property. Our team is devoted to making your dreams a reality by listening to your plans and acting on them

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Our team of concrete experts is equipped with advanced cutting-edge equipment, and they have many years of experience in providing spectacular results. Call us today and have your dream home or business created by the best contractor company. We will send a specialist to guide you all through to the end of the project.

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Call us today at (503) 342-0135 or fill a free quote when you need high-quality concrete installation and repair services. Our professionals will offer high-quality, durable, affordable, and reliable services. We are only a phone call away to make your dream a reality on concrete projects

Gresham CP

Gresham is a city located in Multnomah County, Oregon, USA. It is situated about 16 miles east of downtown Portland and covers an area of approximately 23 square miles. With a population of over 110,000 residents, Gresham is the fourth-largest city in Oregon and the second-largest in the Portland metropolitan area.

Gresham was incorporated as a city in 1905 and was named after Walter Quinton Gresham, a former postmaster general and U.S. Secretary of State. The city has a rich history, and visitors can explore various historic sites and landmarks, including the Gresham Pioneer Cemetery, the Zimmerman House Museum, and the Gresham Carnegie Library.

The city is known for its vibrant community and family-friendly atmosphere, with many parks, trails, and outdoor recreation areas. Some of the most popular parks in Gresham include Main City Park, Red Sunset Park, and Gresham Butte Natural Area. The Springwater Trail, a 40-mile-long paved path for walking, jogging, and cycling, passes through the city.

Gresham is home to a diverse and thriving economy, with major industries such as healthcare, education, and manufacturing. The city is also known for its local arts and culture scene, with various art galleries, theaters, and music venues. The Gresham Arts Festival, held annually in July, is a popular event that showcases local artists and performers.

Overall, Gresham is a growing city with a strong sense of community and plenty of opportunities for both residents and visitors. With its proximity to Portland and access to nature and outdoor recreation, Gresham offers the best of both worlds.